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 How a vibrator worksTheoretical info on the subject

When HAMs talk about a vibrator they mean a mechanical device that is used to help generating a high voltage current from a low voltage source. This is the type we talk about, here.

In old equipment where vibrator units are used, often the vibrators don’t work anymore. This is a common problem. Most times, these vibrators are not defective, they just don’t work.

If you measure the pins that connect to the coil and you measure some resistance, the coil is OK and the problem most likely is that the contacts are corroded and are stuck together. This could happen because the rubber cushion inside the can produces a chemical vapour that reacts with the coating on the contacts and this causes the contacts to stick together.

On this page you can see how I fixed this.

If you have a non-working vibrator and you want it to work, there is nothing left to do than open it. Remember, you have nothing to loose.

So with the help of a small screwdriver and a pair of flat-nose pliers one opens the can. Be careful and do small steps at a time, because otherwise you will damage the rim and it will be hard to close it again in a way that it is hard to see it was ever opened.

Pull out the interior and you will see the mechanical devise inside.

Look close at the contacts and you will observe an almost ceramic kind of substance covering the contacts. This is the result of a chemical reaction of the vapours coming out of the rubber and the coating of the contacts. Observe: other metal parts were not affected.

After a little peeling with a sharp pointy tool like dentists use, you can see the unwanted coating coming off.

Tools to get the contacts clean:
– dentist tool: sharp hooked pin;
– fine emery paper with oil;
– Contact 60 or WD40 spray;
– patience!

When the contacts are completely cleaned and power is applied, the vibrator sings it’s merry song again!

Here you can enjoy the singing vibrator in a short movie. I apologize for the possibly offending, by YouTube “suggested movies”.

Now to reassemble the lot again:

Push the vibrator and the rubber back in the can.

Than I rolled the can, back and forth, over an object, in a way that the pins are not obstructed, while rolling.

Tilt the can a little at first and than increase the angle, thus forcing the aluminium edge over the Paxolin bottom again.

The final touch is given by tapping the rim in place with a small hammer.

And this is how the vibrator can look after closing up again. Looks pretty good if I may say so, myself!
I won’t show you the first one I did….

One proud Parasetguy!

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