On this page you will find useful links to websites of other Paraset builders. Lots of inspiration for builders and a great resource for drawings and diagrams. If you have a contribution (or correction) to this page, please send an email to .
SM7UCZ – Johnny
great build, diagrams

SM7EQL – My Paraset Replica
Another fine example
VE7SL – Building a PARASET

Probably the first replica, ever made

Paraset_F6EJU – drawings from Original
Priceless drawings from Jean-Claude Buffet

The Paraset Club – “where builders meet”
Where builders first met.

Links to non-Paraset pages

Triplett Meter history and collection
Henk’s Tripplet collection & company history

HeathKit exhibition at Jan Corver Museum
A lot of Heathkit gear in top condition.