The Whaddon Mk-VII, a.k.a. “The Paraset”, clandestine or spy radio


    How did it start, doctor? Well, I have visited many WW-II museums and every once and a while I stumbled over a nice little box, containing some sort of radio, as it seemed. It turned out to be a radio like the ones that were dropped behind enemy lines for the resistance groups and/or were taken along on their mission by spies! Boy oh boy, would I like to get my hands on such a little radio! But that did not happen so far. They are very rare and therefore: precious!

    In january 2009 I visited the Jan Corver Museum in Bladel in the south of The Netherlands. They had a special exhibit, called “Secret messages” that was dedicated to cipher and decipher equipment like Enigma and miniature radio’s. And there it was again, that intriguing little radio, called Paraset. I wanted one! It felt like I had caught a virus!

    That weekend I googled for “paraset” and read almost everything that was of any interest. I came on many web sites and discovered that there are many people like me, with the same symptoms: we all desperately need a Paraset. I discovered that the only way to come over this serious infection, was to build one myself. I also learned that there is no guarantee that building a Paraset will cure the infection. On the visited sites I learned that many people built more than one. So I hope for the best and start with building just one. As a precaution I gathered enough parts to build more than one, if necessary. As Lord Baden-Powell always stated: “Be prepared!”

    If you want to know how this story ends, proceed reading in Building Parasetguy’s Mk VII in the “All Huts Menu”.

Enjoy your stay!
Henk – Parasetguy