WS19 – Plug, Snatch, 5 point

As used on a.o. WS19, WS22, WS52
This page is just made to share information on the subject. Extensive info will be added in the future. I hope.

Back of a WS 62 snatch plug. Rubber cable. Clearly not a vulcanized-on the plug.
Dismantling tried, but due to drying out of the rubber not succeeded.

How Nick did it:
“Thanks to Richard’s suggestions and Henk’s pictures, I have succeeded in dismantling the leads. I boiled them for about five minutes, which seems to have softened the rubber and made the job easier. Thank to everyone.
– Nick”

Markings on the cable.

Here an example of a plug, mounted on a headphone set.
Plug 5 Point No. 5 ZA1853