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On this and the following pages you can find out about another one of my passions: radio equipment, used during World War II.

A lot is written about the heroes of this horrible war, who gave their lives, got wounded or at least suffered. 
I dedicate these pages and my humble collection to the anonymous men and women in the factories and laboratories who also contributed, by putting all of their ingenuity to work to create the tools of the trade for the heroes, making it possible for them to liberate Europe.

Limited in space, as I am, I have to restrict my collection to only a few, but very well known radio’s. 
In order to keep them in working condition I have some old testing equipment, that can also be found on these pages. And then there are some interesting items from other era.

My latest project is to recreate the Whaddon Mk-VII receiver/transmitter, a.k.a. The Paraset. This miniature radio was built for spies and resistance men to work behind enemy lines.

Also the history of Triplett measuring equipment can be found on this web site.

I hope that at least some of the fun I have, maintaining and using the equipment shown, and sharing the information on it, rubs off on you during your visiting my website. Feel free to send in any comments or additional information, using the Contact form.

Henk van Zwam
a.k.a. Parasetguy

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The Paraset Club – UK
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