LC circuit tester by LA8AK


The circuit for this tester was uploaded to Yahoo-group: LesAmisduParaset on Wed Dec 26, 2012 by Vittorio Bruni, I0VBR.
It is a circuit for determining the frequency range of a tuning circuit, made up from a coil and a capacitor. The tester circuit is originally designed by LA8AK.

I decided to give it a try and threw a handful of parts to a piece of pre-fab circuit board and: it works! On this page I show some photos of the result and the links of the schematic file. The file can also be found on Yahoo-group: LesAmisduParaset, in the file section.

The RX coil for the Paraset, that I made first. And a 100pF air variable capacitor.

Fully meshed the LC circuit is tuned to 3,059 MC.

Half way out gives 3,742 MC
Minimum capacity gives 7,353 MC.
This is the circuit. If you want it, right-click on the diagram and choose: "Save picture as.." and fill in where and how you want to save it.