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Project: Mk. X16

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Vernier dials      
Custom made Crystals      
Mk.XV RX front drawing      
Mk.XV TX front drawing      
Mk.XV TX chassis drawing      

2012-11-18  Frontpanels - click photo to enlarge -

Here are two photos of the MK-16 frontpanels I had made.

I can provide Data files. They were made with the free software from Schäffer in Berlin, Germany.
Once drawn, one can order the panels directly with them.

The text is engraved and filled with white paint, not exactly original but it will last. Phenolic sheets are not easy to engrave and title.

Observe the old English font that uses a "1" without the flag!

I also can provide DXF-files. Schäffer does not drill the holes at the edge of the panel because of the risk of breaking off. You have to do that yourself.

Schäffer charges about € 90,- for both panels.


2012-09-29 Vernier dials


let me leave the information, that the receiver of the Mk. XV/16 had fine tuning knobs on both dials in the receiver, main tune as well as fine tune.
After the first replic receiver was tried in England (TNX for sharing your experiences, Pete!), it showed to be very tricky to tune. A close look on the few pictures we have showed that there might have beed a reduction drive. I wrote to a friendly owner of an original, and got the confirmation: Yes, there are vernier drives! The scales are on the "slower" side, while the knobs are mounted on the inner, fine tune axis.
So include this information in your plannings.