HF components


In my hunt for vintage radio parts, I buy lots, containing also other parts.

On this page you can see some photos of the hf parts I have. It takes too much time to photograph and measure every part on its self.

If you need anything, f.i. to build a bandspread on the Paraset, tell me what you need and I will look if I can comply.

Variable caps, air ranging from 10 pf ~150 pf.

There are more than on this photo.

Many more BIG varcaps also present. Ask Henk.

Trimmers, ceramic.

Many values present.

Variable caps, air, miniature, ranging from 5 pf

There are more than on this photo.


More air caps.







Xtal sockets for small xtals.

Pass through capacitors

Ceramic trimmers

Mica trimmers







... air trimmers 10 -30 -50 pf

air butterfly trimmers

very small air trimmers

extremely small trimmers

double trimmers
(2 on 1 ceramic)

small mica varcaps for transistor radio 500 pf and double AM/FM types

mica trimmers

ceramic tube trimmers

pass through caps

and ehhh .... more trimmers

trimmers and ferrite cores
Ah! no trimmers but hf transformers.

I have many more than on this photo.

More ferrite stuff.

You did not see here what you need?

Ask the Parasetguy, he has a lot more than this!