Hut 19 - The Dump - Surplus Gear
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The Dump has some surplus equipment and spare parts for sale. It can be shipped to major parts of planet Earth, in principle. Shipping and packing costs are always for the buyers account. Payment has to be done through PayPal or directly to my bank account. Money transfers or cheques are not accepted.

Prices: if you are interested in one or more items: send an email to parasetguy AT

Radio Equipement 3 x GRC9/RT77
for sale
GRC9 Spare Parts    
Radio Equipement  
GRC9 Spare parts  
Antenna, Jeep, complete - antenna console MP-50
- isolated antenna socket MP-65A
- 5 antenna rods (3 x MS-116-A; 1 x MS-117-A; 1 x MS-118-A), total length 4.5 meter
Cover, GRC9 metal cover
Power supply cable DY88 < > battery
Lip microphone set: Microphone T-45; cable CD-318-A  
Tubes all tubes available
Brushes, neon bulbs, pilot lights, vibrators all available
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