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When building a Paraset one has to buy material, often in larger quantities than one needs oneself. On this page I offer the materials I can spare, for sale. All the parts I sell, are in working order and checked before shipping. Sometimes they are New, sometimes they are New Old Stock, sometimes they are used. Nevertheless, there is no warranty and I accept no returns. To keep things simple and cheap.

Ordering info, for now:
You can order by just sending an e-mail to  stating what you need and how you want it to be shipped. Don’t forget your address. (The e-mail address above, is a picture, not text to prevent harvesting by spam robots)
I will send you an e-mail with prices and shipping costs.
If you agree, you can pay me by PayPal or Bank, whatever you prefer or is cheapest. PayPal costs a few Euro extra, bank to bank within European Community is free of charge and easy to do if you can do electronic (Internet) banking.
After reception of the payment, the parts will be sent and after that you can build a wonderful Paraset!

Tutorials or other interesting info

Difference in xtal sockets

How to alter a trimmer C into a varcap

How a trimmer C can be trimmed

Converter metric <> inches

Free Book download:
"The Restoration of Valved HF Communications Receivers"

Front panel, cash box model

This panel was made according to the excellent drawings that Jean-Claude Buffet, F6EJU made of an original MK-VII.

Length: 215 mm
Width: 137.2 mm
Height: 14 mm

The panel is completely drilled. Builder needs to finish it: countersinking screw holes and (spray) paint the surface. Nickel plating is also possible.

The panel has a grey factory coating to avoid corrosion. The process with which this panel was made, is "water jet cutting". It is similar to "laser cutting", but no heat is involved.

The back of the panel is slightly sanded to take away the blur that stays behind from the cutting process. Click the photos to have a better look.

New  € 22,00  / each.

Status Oct. 06, 2015: new stock arrived.


Switch, toggle, single on-off

This is a switch that can be used in a MK-VII to change band.

Top is chrome on brass. Bottom is Bakelite or similar plastic.

Only a few available.

Used € 3,00 / each



Kit, Cable, Power

Many people have trouble to find the proper plugs to make a nice power cable for the Paraset. When you have to order in USA in one or two places, you pay a fortune on shipping, VAT and import duties. Buying A LOT of plugs reduces those costs per item. The Paraset Warehouse solved that for you and even found a nice piece of cable.
Notice: the original MK-VII used the pins and sockets the other way around. This would result in a dangerous situation because the pins than are carrying high voltage. This kit, in this configuration, is safe to use.

The kit contains the following parts:

  • Plug, 4 pins male;
  • Socket, chassis, 4 pins female;
  • Socket, chassis, 3 pins male;
  • Plug, 3 pins female;
  • Cable 1,20 m, smooth textile covered, 5 strains of litze wire 0,35 mm.
  • 10 ferrules 1 mm2 (see assemble instructions, below) (not on the photo)

The second photo shows the assembled cable.

Look here to learn how to assemble the kit.

NOS/NEW € 25,00 / each kit
(only sold as complete sets)

Choke, RF, 60 Henry

This Hammond choke is an ideal one to use in the MK-VII. It has a higher inductance value than the original choke, but the advantage of this is a much higher audio output in your headphones. It is the same one I used in my build. Look there how you can make this choke look old.

Technical details:
Inductance Henrys: 60
D.C. Current (ma.):  8
Resistance (Ohms): 2750
Max. Oper. Volts (D.C.): 400
Dimensions: 60.5 x 35.1 x 35.1 x 50.8 mm


NEW € 20,00 / each.

 Oct. 6, 2015: 4 in stock


Variable Capacitor, Air, 100 pf

These capacitors are what we need for Mk-VII-Paraset. They are NOS or used ex-equipment trimmers that I have taken apart and fitted with a 1/4" (6.3mm) brass shaft.

All varcaps have been measured and tested before shipping. Sets have 3 similar varcaps: the same make and model if sufficient examples are available.

Varcaps with a shaft and 2 screw mount are no longer available. I can only find some trimmers, here and there a few. So if you plan to build a spy set where you need these varcaps for, take the opportunity as long as it lasts.

NOS/used € 14,00 / each. (only sold in sets of 3)

Want to make a band spread? Look here and tell me what you need.

Potentiometer, 22kA

This potentiometer is close to what we need for Mk-VII-Paraset.

It is a good quality pot, made by Philips.

NOS € 3,00 / each.


Message Book M-210, 1942

This is an unused message book used by officers to compose messages that radio operators had to send. In the instructions one can read that the thin sheets could also be used in the message containers that were carried by pigeons.

The booklet has some traces of folding/wear on the corners and the staples that holds them together show some corrosion. Overall, they look very good, almost new. They are complete and NOT USED.

These are rare items. I don't expect these to surface, again.

Sizes: wide: 155 mm; high: 118 mm; thick: 15 mm.

More photos can be seen on my other website:

NOS € 25,00 / each.

Stock: oct. 6, 2015: 2

Nuts and Bolts set, brass, BA6

This set contains all nuts, bolts and washers you need for one Paraset. 

4 pieces, 1 " BA6, Bar turned brass, countersunk (front to cabinet);
1 pieces, 1/2 " BA6, Bar turned brass, round head (blocking key);
23 pieces, 1/4 " BA6, Bar turned brass, countersunk;
8 pieces, 1/2 " BA6, Bar turned brass, countersunk;
1 pieces, 5/8 " BA6, Bar turned brass, countersunk;
28 pieces, nuts, BA6, full size;
28 pieces, washers BA6.

New, € 12,00  / set






Below examples of the bolts, used on the panel shown before.


Decal set, waterslide, set of 2

As many builders have problems with properly lettering a Paraset, the Paraset Warehouse made this decal set available.

The decals are laser printed. The set comes in duplo: so you have two chances of doing it right. The colour of the characters is black, on a transparent background. The type is an old fashioned Times-Roman alike.

There is a serial number transfer included: you can stick it on the panel or on a small piece of aluminium.

The method for applying these decals is described on the Paraset Home Page. After applying the decals you have to apply a protective layer of matt varnish. Use a spray can for this and apply several thin layers with plenty drying time in between.

New, € 4,00  / set of 2


Applying the water slide decals

- Cut the words out of the sheet, as tight as possible.
- Put the cut out word in a bowl of water.
- After a short while (~5 sec.) take the decal out of the water.
If the decals stays too long in the water, the adhesive on the decal dissolves.
- Let the water work on the decal for 15 - 30 seconds, than the decal can slide off the carrier on to an object.
- Let the water drip off the decal and apply it on the front panel. As long it is wet, it can be positioned.
- Rub the water away under the decal with a cotton swab or a piece of cotton cloth.
- Let the decals dry for 24 hours before applying a protective layer of spray can varnish.

(Decals will be sent in a letter box to avoid the risk of damage.)


Terry Clamp, 25mm or 1", set of 3

These are the clamps that are used to fasten the tubes in the lid of the cash box Paraset. In some countries hard to get, so Parasetguy solved this problem for you.

New  € 2,00  / 1 set of 3 pc.

Knob, Bulgin-K94, for Mk-VII (Paraset), set of 3


As a result of an effort of the Allied Forces of Britain, France and Holland, The Paraset Warehouse is proud to announce the availability of new made, but equal to the original, knobs for Paraset replicas.

As demand was high for original knobs that could not be found anywhere in the world, Jean-Claude (F6EJU), Warren (M0WLS) and Henk (Parasetguy) set up an operation to have these knobs recreated. They used the intelligence provided by agents Alan Strong and Alan Oatey, M0AVN who performed this delicate operation before.

The knobs are made using the original tooling from the Bulgin factory that made the knobs originally. So, shape and sizes are exactly the same. As you can see on the photos, they have brass inserts and steel screws.

These knobs are made especially for us, in small quantity. This means that the high costs of stopping moulding machines, fitting them with new tooling, making a few knobs, repeating the process to start up the daily production again, have to be paid in the price of a relatively small number of knobs. Factories like these are used to make 500.000 products in a run so we have to be grateful that they are willing to serve us.

Knob, Bulgin-K94, for Mk-VII (Paraset): 19,00 / set of 3 knobs


History of Bulgin knobs. This link will be available soon.


Octal socket, Paxolin, 38,2 mm mount, type I

These sockets have the right size: mounting holes 38, 2 mm apart.
They are sold in a set of 3 pieces only.
The sockets are NOS or used.

New Old Stock:  € 9,00  / 1 set of 3 pc.


Used: 1 sets of 3 available:  € 7,00  / 3 pc.


RF Choke, 2,5 mH.

Resembles the original model, except for the ends. But if you take off the end caps from an old car bulb....paint the brown body white....

€ 5,00 /each  - New

The sockets below can be used for antenna, earth and crystal sockets. They just need a piece of Paxolin sheet to mount them on. Sockets of this type were widely used in the wooden box version of the MKVII (Paraset) as you can see to the right.


Socket Model "B"

Nickel plated brass.

€ 1,00 /each - New Old Stock


Also see: Difference in xtal sockets

Set, containing TX + Rx coil formers, RX coil cover and 3 stands and drawing / technical details coils

Price: €  26,00

Coil formers are NOT polished. Set contains TX + Rx coil formers, RX coil cover, 3 stands and drawing / technical details.

Follow this link to learn more about Paxolin and how this coil former set is made.


Mounting struts, Paxolin, set of 5

These are old style mounting struts as used in the construction of Parasets.

Tin plated brass supports on dark brown Paxolin strip. Set contains 4 x 3 points, 1 x 7 points.

€ 5,50 / set of 5 - New Old Stock


Resistor 20 k Ohm

€ 1,00 / 2 pieces - New Old Stock
(One needs 2 for a Paraset)


Capacitor, 10 nF, 450 V, Mica

Original wartime mica capacitor. Notice the arrow shaped connections. The label is a paper wrap. These are British Army, note the number: 10C/8496.

€ 1,50 /each  - New Old Stock

Capacitor, 10 nF, 450 V, Mica

Original wartime mica capacitor.

These caps were cut out of some apparatus. So wires are short! Not everyone is labelled Dubilier!

€ 1,00 /each  - Used


Coil former 66 mm long

I had my cutting machine miss aligned and a number of wrong cut tubes were the result. Perhaps usable for someone.

Diameter: 32 mm inside, 38 mm outside.
Length: about 66 mm.

€ 4,00 / each


Coil former, phenolic, 1" diameter

I have a number of these phenol impregnated cardboard coils. Used  in Hallicrafters equipment around 1944. They are wax covered, that can easily removed with a hair dry blower or electric paint stripper. The white coil is also brown but covered with white wax.

The metal feet can be removed also, if in the way.

The coil wire comes complementary. Don't ask for the impedance of the winding, they are all different.

Long: 1 and 9/16 " (39,8 mm)
Diameter externally: 1" (25,6 mm)
Diameter internally: 7/8 " (22,3 mm)

€ 2,00 / each

Coil former, ceramic

I have a number of these ceramic coils. Used in Hallicrafters equipment around 1944. They are wax covered, that can easily removed with a hair dry blower or electric paint stripper.

On the bottom of the ceramic body is a hole for mounting the coil on a chassis. The coil is shipped with a fitting screw, like the one on top.

The coil wire comes complementary. Don't ask for the impedance of the winding, they are all different.

Size thick model: 
Long: 1 1/2 " (38,2 mm)
Diameter externally: 1/2" (12,3 mm)

Size thin model:
Long: 1 1/2 " (38,2 mm)
Diameter externally: 3/8 " (9,3 mm)

€ 2,00 / each
When ordering: copy size!

Coil former, ceramic

I have a number of these ceramic coils. Used in Hallicrafters equipment around 1944. They are wax covered, that can easily removed with a hair dry blower or electric paint stripper.

On the bottom of the ceramic body is a hole for mounting the coil on a chassis. The coil is shipped with a fitting screw, like the one on top.

The coil wire comes complementary. Don't ask for the impedance of the winding, they are all different.

Size thick model: 
Long: 2 " (51,2 mm)
Diameter externally: 3/8 " (16,3 mm)

Size thin model:
Long: 2 " (51,2 mm)
Diameter externally: 1/2 " (12,6 mm)

€ 2,00 / each
When ordering: copy size!

For some years I have a stencil maker standing around. It is an American die cast machine that weights about 45 kg and it has ONE type of fonts, of which you can see an example on the left.

These stencils are used to mark boxes, crates vehicles with necessary information after the object that needs the information was spray painted anew.

The font is that typical military type, seen on vehicles to inform on fuel type or tyre pressure.

Special moisture-resistant cardboard-type, suitable for multiple use.
Width: 41.5 cm
High: 10,2 cm
Character Height: 1.3 cm
Character Width: 1.1 + 0.2 cm
Room for + / - 25 characters per line
Room for 3 lines

€ 13,00 / each

When interested, send me an e-mail with the text you need and I will send you back a preview in Excel or PDF format.
The stencils will be shipped in an cardboard envelope.


RF Choke, 25 uH, 1,5 A

Fine choke for power supplies or take two and a few C's to make an AC Mains Input filter. German quality.

€ 1,00 / each - New

Transistor, 2N3019 (set of 10 pieces) Si NPN 80V 1A

10 pieces - 2N3019 Si NPN
Vcbo - 140 V
Vceo - 80 V
Ic - 1 A
Pd - 5 W

€ 5,00 / set of 10 - New Old Stock


Diode, PR6002, 100 V, 6 A (set of 8 pieces)

8 pieces - diode, PR6002 Si

PIV: 100 V
I: 6 A


€ 1,00 / set of 8



Crystals FT-171-B

I bought a box containing 60 (!) crystals, type FT-171-B. In the hope that they would be useful to us, Parasetteers.

None are inside amateur radio bands, but could very well be grinded down to higher frequencies as described on the Yahoo Paraset fora. These housings are B-I-G enough to hold a different crystal.

Boxes are unopened, so I took another one to be a model for the photo.

See the list for frequencies, that could be grinded down:
€ 10,00 / each
New Old Stock



Click photo to enlarge.

Also see: Difference in xtal sockets

Read this on reloading crystals housings with new content.

   I made a label to stick on the Italian crystals to make them look like the American "real thing".
 You can download that label here.

Tips for using the sticker:
You can print this sticker on any adhesive printing material. The backside of the Italian aluminium covers are black, in case you print on transparent material. You could also sand off the Italian print and put your transparent sticker on clear aluminium.

Tube socket for 807

Brand: Johnson
Type: 225

Beautiful socket in New-Out-Of-The-Box condition. Stamped "Made in USA".

€ 10,00 / each - New Old Stock

Diode, 1N4007

1000 V - 1A

20 pieces, total € 1,00  - New Old Stock


Zener diode, BZX79A-6V2

Uz = 6,2 V
P=500 mW


10 pieces, total € 1,00  - New Old Stock

Zener diode, BZW03C13

Uz = 13 V
P = 1,85 W

5 pieces, total  € 1,00  - New Old Stock

Diode Bridge, Siemens, 80 V, 1,5 A

U = 80 V

I = 1,5 A


3 pieces, total € 1,00  - New Old Stock



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